MEMS at Space Camp!

Students from Metro East Montessori School participate in the Pathfinders program at U.S. Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

They will enjoy a program that includes a space mission, space history and astronaut training on authentic astronaut simulators! During the simulated space mission, trainees work in mission control or launch as a part of the flight crew.

Pathfinder also offers an aviation option that incorporates land survival techniques, air-to-air simulated missions and a Top Gun competition.


MEMS Adolescent Program Presentation

Metro East Montessori School is excited to announce the opening of the MEMS Adolescent Program starting fall 2016!

The program will prepare students grades 7-9 not only for high school, but for a continued love of learning throughout their lives. We will provide two academically challenging and nurturing environments – one at our Granite City, IL location and the other at Red Fox Paso Fino Farm located in Troy, IL.

This amazing educational opportunity would not be possible without the support of our Montessori partners Dr. Annette Haines, Mr. Lewis Haines, Red Fox Paso Fino Farm, The Montessori Training Center of St. Louis and The Montessori Lab School at Grand Center. We are truly grateful for their support.

For more information please contact Bridget McGuire at, or come to our information session on October 6th, 2015 at 6pm at our Granite City location (4405 State Route 162).

We are so excited to extend this opportunity for students to become confident global citizens and future leaders.

Hope to see you on the 6th!


MEMS has been approved to keep chickens!  The Upper Elementary children will soon begin incubating eggs and setting up an outdoor environment for when the chicks hatch!