Inclement Weather Policy

School closings in the event of “snow days” will be announced on TV channels 4 and 5 displayed as "METRO EAST MONTESSORI SCHOOL".

The closings also appear on the television stations’ websites. You may also call the school to listen to our outgoing message stating that there is a cancellation.

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Metro East Montessori School

Our Vision & Objectives

The basic aim of Metro East Montessori School is, in the words of Maria Montessori, "to help the child to help himself". In preparing an environment that provides for the child's inner needs, it is hoped he will be enabled to fulfill his highest potential as an integrated personality.


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Parents' Group

Metro East Montessori Parents' Group

The Montessori Parents' Group sponsors various social and fundraising events throughout the year. These are fun events that allow the parents, staff members, family, and the surrounding community to have a great time while getting to know each other and raising money for the benefit of our children.